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CineYouth Program

A Personal Climate Crisis

 43 minutes


The climate crisis takes a personal toll in these films which investigate humanity’s relationship to nature through dystopian (but not so distant) futures, the damaging effects of commerce, and stresses on individual growth.



Rheannah Wynter | Florida | Age 21

Hoping to stay climate conscious, a sometimes-paranoid filmmaker ditches an alarming heap of fast fashion clothes. In the process, she encounters obstacles, misdirection, propaganda, rabbit holes, and a one-sided obsession with H&M CEO Karl-Johan Persson.

The Pleasure of Killing Bugs

Leonardo Martinelli | Brazil | Age 21

As the climate crisis reaches the point of no return, a nun and a priest grapple with their faith as they lament the disappearance of insects in this surreal and tense vision.

Those Who Move Mountains

Lauren Loesberg | Evanston, IL | Age 22

In a near-futuristic society that has left humans reliant on urban infrastructure and turned nature into a prison, a falsely convicted woman finds a new community in the wilderness.


Kate Saltel | Texas | Age 17

Metamorphism is the change in a rock due to heat or pressure. This clever short expresses how humans undergo similar transformations under great pressure from family, school, and wealth.

Earth had issues Loading…

Leonardo Pirondi | California | Age 20

Lushly photographed on 16mm, this meditation on the relationship between humans, nature, and technology confronts the menacing effect machines and industry have on the planet’s well being.