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Two people walk out of a small stand where DVDs cover the pink walls. On the door reads "FUNDI SIMU".

Apostles of Cinema [short film]

  Darragh Amelia, Gertrude Malizana, Jesse Gerard Mpango, Cece Mlay

  Tanzania     17 minutes


Apostles of Cinema explores Tanzania’s unique film culture, examining the art of pirating, local cinema houses, and distribution networks while raising the question of whether the means by which we access films truly matters. The remarkable short film captures how cinema creates community, inspires creativity, and emphasizes the need for preservation.

This film screens as part of the Shorts 7: Black Perspectives – Resonance program.


 Swahili with subtitles 

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Small Country: An African Childhood Petit pays

  Eric Barbier

  France      2020    


The son of a French father and Rwandan mother, 10-year-old Gabriel spends idyllic days studying at school and playing with friends in a well-sheltered Burundian community. That is, until the ethnic genocide in neighboring Rwanda spills into his world, threatening families and taking lives. From the semi-autobiographical novel of singer and writer Gaël Faye comes this perceptive and affecting tale of a childhood interrupted and paradise lost.

 French, Kirundi, Swahili with subtitles 
  111 minutes

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Post-screening discussion led by Professor Maggie O’Brien, DePaul University

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A tender tale of forbidden first love told in an electric, colorful Afropop style, Rafiki tells the story of the tender but illegal and taboo romance between Kena, a skateboarding tomboy blessed with great grades and soccer skills, and Ziki, the charismatic daughter of a conservative local politician.

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Something Necessary

Kenya erupts in widespread violence following the results of a controversially disputed Presidential election in 2007. In the wake of that violence, Something Necessary tracks the lives of multiple characters trying to rebuild their lives and atone for their actions, doing whatever they can to move forward and change themselves for the better.

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Tough Bond

On the streets of Nairobi, Tough Bond-brand glue is the drug of choice for kids living on their own, numbing themselves to hunger while surviving off scraps. This incredibly moving documentary provides an intimate look at four of these kids – who call themselves “Survivors” – following them over the course of three years and taking the viewer deep into their lives.

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