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A young woman with blue eyes, wrapped in an embrace, looks over a woman's shoulder.


  Fien Troch

  Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France     104 minutes


Sensing that something isn’t right, 15-year-old Holly calls in sick one morning. Later that day, a fire breaks out at her school, killing several students. The tragedy deeply impacts the community, which is thrown into a state of collective mourning. Intrigued by the teen’s uncanny premonition, high school teacher Anna invites her to join a volunteer group dedicated to comforting the grieving. Holly’s presence has a calming effect on those she encounters, bringing them a sense of peace, warmth, and even hope. Soon, people begin to seek out Holly and her cathartic energy, demanding more and more from the young woman.

Modulating between darkness and light, stillness and motion, cinematographer Frank van den Eeden (Close) beautifully translates the sense of unease that pervades the film, the characters, and the community. Award-winning director Fien Troch’s fantastical and provocative drama  explores the power and limits of faith.

 Flemish with subtitles 

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Film Credits

  •   Antonino Lombardo, Elisa Heene
  •   Catalina Geerarts, Greet Verstraete, Felix Heremans
  •   Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne
  •   Prime Time, Mirage


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