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“O Black Hole!” [Short Film]

  Renee Zhan

  United Kingdom 16 minutes

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This film is available as part of Shorts 2: Disconnect the Dots (Animation)


A wild blend of animation styles and techniques depict a young woman afraid of losing everything in this cosmic ode.



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Young Tom Hall and his misfit friends fight to save “Buster” the baby elephant during the German air raid bombings of Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1941.

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Runaway follows the stories of five young girls who arrive at a refuge in Irans capital city Tehran, having run away from abusive or neglectful families.

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The Closer We Get

The Closer We Get is an autobiographical portrait of loyalty, broken dreams, and redemption told from the perspective of director Karen Guthrie in this affecting and resonating look at post-colonialism and the complicated bonds of

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Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth

Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth tells the extraordinary story of one of America’s greatest living writers, from her childhood in a family of Georgia sharecroppers to a distinguished career as an activist and author.

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