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CineYouth Program

Time and Texture: Experimental

  Hong Kong, Kyrgyzstan, United Kingdom, United States     7 shorts | 61 minutes


Some rules are made to be broken. Singular and diverse experiences of identity, sensation, isolation, and time are translated into stunning images and sound. The resulting seven films play like something of a dream, capturing the feeling of being alive as only cinema can.

Please note: Films in this program contain themes, images, and language that may not be suitable for all ages.


Figures dressed in black wear masks made with brown paper bags and marker. One with a frightening, smiling face is centered.


Children Laboratory ATOM | Kyrgyzstan | Ages 10-14

A group of young people share their deepest fears using paper dolls and masks.

A hazy, black-and-white still shows a remote road lined by foliage disappearing into fog.

From the Void of Time

Lok Yiu Wong | Hong Kong | Age 21

Two jailed men conjure hazy, summery renderings of time and memory.

In an apartment living room, a man kicks his feet up and plays with a cat on the couch.

After Love

Chris Derek Van | Chicago | Age 19

In city apartments, an 18-year old and a middle-aged man form an intimate bond amid shared isolation.

Centered in a grayscale still of trees by residential buildings, the flag of the United Kingdom stands out in full color.

The Shadow Puppet

Macsen Russel | United Kingdom | Age 21

A static, black and white window into the interior world of a man who believes himself to be a murderer.

A crossfade centers a hand squeezing a jacket pocket within the lens of a camera.


Zahni D’Angelo Gulbronson | Chicago | Age 19

Aimless on an empty beach, a wandering man tends to the bird in his pocket.

Viewed from behind, a student sits at a classroom desk in front of a blackboard and presses on her headphones.


Caitlin Lenz | Iowa | Age 20

A multimedia representation of the daily overwhelm of living with a sensory-processing disorder.

A person falls through space, superimposed beween a pair of black-and-white eyes. Subtitles read "Look at me" and "Mirenme."

build me through the image (constrúyanme a través de la imagen)

Paula Hung | New York | Age 20

Mutliracial identity, queerness, and the construction of both are explored through archival footage and family artifacts.

My Life as McDull

McDull and his mother may be animated pigs, but their lives are those of working class Hong Kong residents. The film is a charming, involving picture that epitomizes the irrepressible and happy-go-lucky spirit of Hong Kong.

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