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Livestream Filmmaker Q&As

Connect with the artists and filmmakers of the Chicago International Film Festival with these livestream Q&As. Livestream Q&As will be hosted on the film’s webpage on our streaming portal. Ticket holders can access the Q&A through the virtual access link emailed with their ticket purchase. Attendees will have the opportunity to submit questions during the event.

We recommend you start streaming the film by the suggested streaming start time listed below so you can seamlessly join the virtual Q&A following your screening.

Additionally, tune in for our morning Coffee Talks where we will host filmmakers from this year’s Festival for intimate and informal conversations about their work. Each Coffee Talk takes place at 11:00am CT each morning and can be streamed on our Facebook or YouTube channels.

Thursday, October 22

11:00am Coffee Talk: “Disconnecting the Dots: Animated Storytelling”

Animators Frederic Schuld (“The Chimney Swift”), Alexandra Ramires (“Tie”), and Renee Zhan (“O Black Hole!”) discuss telling stories through animation.

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2:00pm: Farewell Amor

Livestream Q&A with director Ekwa Msangi
Suggested Streaming Start Time: 12:05pm
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4:00pm: Gaza Mon Amour

Livestream Q&A with directors Tarzan & Arab Nasser
Suggested Streaming Start Time: 2:15pm
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7:00pm: Striding Into the Wind

Livestream Q&A with director Wei Shujun
Suggested Streaming Start Time: 4:30pm
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9:00pm: Under the Open Sky

Livestream Q&A with director Nishikawa Miwa
Suggested Streaming Start Time: 6:40pm
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Friday, October 23

12:00pm: Sweat

Livestream Q&A with director Magnus von Horn
Suggested Streaming Start Time: 10:00am
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2:00pm: City So Real

Livestream Q&A with director Steve James, producer Zak Piper, subjects Neal Sáles-Griffin and Amara Enyia, and moderated by Natalie Moore (WBEZ)
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4:00pm: Padrenostro

Livestream Q&A with director Claudio Noce
Suggested Streaming Start Time: 1:45pm
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9:00pm: Twilight’s Kiss

Livestream Q&A with director Ray Yeung
Suggested Streaming Start Time: 7:15pm
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Saturday, October 24

11:00am Coffee Talk: “Girls on Film: Women in Cinema”

Swiss director Stefanie Klemm (Of Fish and Men), French filmmaker Suzanne Lindon (Spring Blossom), Argentine filmmaker Lucia Vassallo (Transoceánicas), and Spanish directors Meritxell Colell (Transoceánicas) and Pilar Palomero (Schoolgirls) talk about the conception and process of their female-centered stories.

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2:00pm: Artistic Achievement Award: Gianfranco Rosi

Livestream award ceremony and conversation with director Gianfranco Rosi
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Past Q&As

40 Years a Prisoner

Livestream Q&A with director Tommy Oliver | Link coming soon

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Livestream Q&A with director Christos Nikou

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And Tomorrow the Entire World

Livestream Q&A with director Julia von Heinz

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Any Crybabies Around?

Livestream Q&A with director Sato Takuma

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Becoming Mona

Livestream Q&A with directors Sabine Lubbe Bakker & Niels van Koevorden

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Livestream Q&A with director R.J. Cutler, Judy Belushi, and Animal House producer Ivan Reitman

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Careless Crime

Livestream Q&A with director Shahram Mokri

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The Columnist

Livestream Q&A with director Ivo van Aart

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Dear Comrades!

Livestream Q&A with director Andrei Konchalovsky

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Finding Yingying

Livestream Q&A with director Jiayan “Jenny” Shi, producer Brent E. Huffman, and cinematographer Shilin Sun

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Fireball: Visitors From Darker Worlds

Livestream Q&A with directors Werner Herzog and Clive Oppenheimer

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For Madmen Only

Livestream Q&A with director Heather Ross and actor James Urbaniak

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I Am Greta

Livestream Q&A with director Nathan Grossman

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Kubrick by Kubrick

Livestream Q&A with director Gregory Monro

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Mama Gloria

Livestream Q&A with director Luchina Fisher and subject Gloria Allen

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Memory House

Livestream Q&A with director João Paulo Miranda Maria

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Livestream Q&A with director Sam Pollard

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New Order

Livestream Q&A with director Michel Franco | Link coming soon

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Of Fish and Men

Livestream Q&A with director Stefanie Klemm and producer Sereina Gabathuler

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Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time

Livestream Q&A with director Lili Horvát

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The Prophet and the Space Aliens

Livestream Q&A with director Yoav Shamir

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The Reason I Jump

Livestream Q&A with director Jerry Rothwell and subjects Bertra & Ben McGann and Donna & Emma Budway

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The Road Up

Livestream Q&A with directors Greg Jacobs & Jon Siskel and subject Jesse Teverbaugh

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Livestream Q&A with director with director Pilar Palomero

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Livestream Q&A with director Michael Venus

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The Special

Livestream Q&A with director Ignacio Márquez | Link coming soon

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Spring Blossom

Livestream Q&A with director Suzanne Lindon

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Sylvie’s Love

Livestream Q&A with director Eugene Ashe

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Things We Dare Not Do

Livestream Q&A with director Bruno Santamaría and producer Abril López Carrillo

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The Ties

Livestream Q&A with director Daniele Luchetti

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Til Kingdom Come

Livestream Q&A with director Maya Zinshtein, producer Abie Troen, and Yael Eckstein, President of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

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Coffee Talk: “Reclaiming Our Time: Black Perspectives”

Filmmakers Tommy Oliver (40 Years a Prisoner), Amina Sutton and Maya Tanaka (“The Price of Cheap Rent”) and Terrance Daye (“-Ship: A Visual Poem”) will discuss their experience of producing working under the label of Black cinema.

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Coffee Talk: “Rising Up: The Power of New Voices”

With films screening in the Festival’s New Directors Competition, rising talents João Paulo Miranda Maria (Memory House), Tarzan and Arab Nasser (Gaza Mon Amour), and Lili Horvát (Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time) talk about their different approaches to cinematic storytelling.

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11:00am Coffee Talk: “Trans World: Telling Stories of Gender and Change”

Filmmakers Luchina Fisher (Mama Gloria), Sebastian Lipschitz (Little Girl), and Bruno Santamaria (Things We Dare Not Do) discuss their films, each about trans lives in different countries and societies, respectively, Chicago, France, and Mexico.

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11:00am Coffee Talk: “Politics and Protest: Making Movies in The Intense Now”

In one of the most politically fraught times in our history, filmmakers Kanas Liu (“Comrades”), Julia von Heinz (And Tomorrow the Entire World) and Gordon Quinn (City So Real) will talk about making films on the frontlines of social unrest and the challenging group dynamics of protest.

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11:00am Coffee Talk: “Dreams from the Diaspora: Black Perspectives”

Filmmakers Kantarama Gahigiri (“Ethereality”), Ekwa Msangi (Farewell Amor) and Tebogo Malebogo (“Heaven Reaches Down to Earth”) discuss producing stories from varied African perspectives outside of the continent.

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11:00am Coffee Talk: “Spellbinding: Documenting Faith and Power”

Join directors Yoav Shamir (The Prophet and the Space Aliens), Maya ZInshtein (Til Kingdom Come), and Carmine Grimaldi (“When Two and Three”) for a conversation about their films, each addressing questions of religion and spirituality, and the power they have over people.

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7:00pm: An Evening with Rachel Brosnahan

In-depth conversation with actress Rachel Brosnahan
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Coffee Talk: “Master Class with Nandita Das”

Award-winning actor and filmmaker Nandita Das (Fire, Firaaq) will speak about her evolution as an actor, the stories she wants to tell as a filmmaker, and how her work overlaps with her passion for social justice causes. Presented in partnership with the Coalition of South Asian Film Festivals.

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