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Director Spotlight: Franziska Stünkel on THE LAST EXECUTION

Published: October 18, 2021  |  Filed under: Festival News

German filmmaker and photo artist Franziska Stünkel’s film The Last Execution (Nahschuss) is a historical drama telling the story of Werner Teske, a scientist-turned Stasi spy who became the last person executed in East Germany. Stünkel is in Chicago for the international premiere of her gripping film — don’t miss the next screening on Thursday Oct. 21 at 5:15pm, with a special Q&A following the film.

We’re thrilled to host Stünkel in Chicago, and we sat down with her to ask her some questions about being back in the theatre and her favorite filmmakers.

What’s the last great film you’ve seen?

The Broken Circle Breakdown directed by Felix Van Groeningen


Where’s your favorite spot to sit in a movie theatre?


In the middle. For me, going to the cinema means experiencing the film together as a collective viewing and feeling experience. In the middle of the movie theater is where I experience this most intensely.


What’s your favorite movie theatre snack and/or drink?

Ice cream. It’s a memory of my childhood at the movies. No way am I eating popcorn. Popcorn is way too loud for me. For me, a movie theater experience means being completely immersed – especially in the sound and hearing the quiet sounds there, too.


What’s your favorite Chicago food staple?

I’m looking forward to finding out! This is my first time in Chicago.


What does it mean to you to be back seeing movies in a theatre alongside fellow movie-lovers?

An incredible amount. It’s a great joy and a real need that cinema is possible again. In today’s world, it is more important than ever that we have cinema to enter other worlds, topics and new perspectives. We are currently facing many challenges globally about which we urgently need to exchange ideas. Movies can help us do that.


Who’s your favorite current filmmaker?

Alejandro González Iñárritu and Francois Ozon


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