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The black and white image of a woman leaning against a wall, the city street with a vintage car can be seen beyond.

The Battle A Batalha da Rua Maria Antônia

  Vera Egito

  Brazil     84 minutes


São Paulo, October 1968. The early years of Brazil’s military dictatorship. In the philosophy building of the public university, the students and professors of the Left Student Movement are organizing. Tensions are palpable as a large number of the Communist Hunting Command gathers outside the private university across the street. As danger looms ever nearer, those who had, up to now, chosen to stay politically neutral are confronted with the implications of their apathy. Friendships and relationships are formed and tested as the personal becomes embroiled in the political, until the simmering threat of violence boils over.

Inspired by true events and filmed in beautiful black-and-white 16mm in a series of 21 elegantly choreographed long takes depicting one intense night, The Battle is a volcanic portrait of the passion of youth in a pivotal moment in Brazilian history.

 Portuguese with subtitles 

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Film Credits

  •   Egisto Betti, Heitor Dhalia, Manoel Rangel
  •   Vera Egito
  •   Julia Zakia
  •   William Etchebehere
  •   Pâmela Germano, Isamara Castilho, Caio Horowicz, Julianna Gerais, Philipp Lavra, Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha
  •   Antonio Pinto
  •   Diana Almeida, Luciano Salim
  •   Paranoid Filmes, Globo Filmes


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Robert and Penelope Steiner Family Foundation