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Science Panel: Refresh My Memory

Published: September 1, 2015  |  Filed under: Panels

October 17, 2015

From “Memento” to “The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” amnesia is a common trope in movies—a powerful launching point to explore issues such as identity and emotion. This year’s Festival includes three films, “Embers,” “Open Tables,” and “Other Madnesses,” which portray characters with faulty memories. This panel brings together filmmakers and neuroscientists to discuss the nature and fallibility of memory, and its varied representations on screen.

Panelists: Shannon Heffernan (moderator, WBEZ Chicago), Ken A. Paller (Director of the Cognitive Neuroscience Program, Northwestern University), Jack C. Newell (Open Tables), Claire Carré (Embers), Jeremy Carr (Other Madnesses)

The Science and Cinema initiative is co-sponsored by the Chicago Council on Science and Technology (C2ST) and Columbia College Chicago.

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