Chicago Industry Exchange Lab Projects 2023

CIX: Lab Projects

The Chicago Industry Exchange (CIX), hosted by Cinema/Chicago and the Chicago International Film Festival, invites filmmakers with narrative fiction feature films to participate in CIX:Lab. CIX:Lab is a year-long creative development program, focused on script development, directing and visualization, and preproduction and pitching, finally culminating in The Pitch in fall 2023, where the filmmakers will pitch their projects in front of a live audience and a panel of industry judges and have private meetings with producers, financiers, and distributors.

The selected projects for 2022-2023 CIX: Lab are:


headshot: Beah TravisWriter/Director: Beah Travis
Producer: Jackie Filer

An 80-year-old, midwestern woman fights to maintain her autonomy while acting as the sole caretaker for her dying husband.

I Don’t Dream in Spanish Anymore

headshot: Missy HernandezWriter/Director: Missy Hernandez
Executive Producer: Miguel Silveira

Haunted by visions, a mother-to-be must discover the key to breaking an inherited curse before it kills her. A dark fairytale set in modern-day Chicago.


headshot: Donald ConleyWriter/Director: Donald Conley
Producers: Kendrea Chanae Chapman, Laron Davis

June, a temperamental teen, is forced to leave his home after being targeted for a retaliatory act, and struggles to make peace with his mother’s attempts to save his life.

The Punk Show in Chicago

headshot: Erika ValenciaWriter/Director: Erika Valenciana
Producer: Anuradha Rana
Executive Producer: Christina Shaver

The Punk Show in Chicago is a feature length comedy about a brash Chicana teen who lures her straight-laced best friend into a blundering road trip to an epic punk show and a secret pit stop for an abortion.

Tropical Rain, Death-Scented Kiss 素馨花

headshot: Charlotte Hong Bee HerWriter/Director: Charlotte Hong Bee Her
Producers: Giuliana Foulkes, Tan Si En

In an apocalyptic vision of Singapore falling into a wilderness populated by spirits, dime store romance blossoms as an alienated lesbian teenager struggles to confess her feelings for her mysteriously resurrected best friend.


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