Indie Film Town Halls

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Indie Film Town Halls

The Indie Film Town Hall brings together Chicago’s independent film and media-making community during these difficult times. In a series of lunchtime meetings, members of Chicago’s indie film and media organizations will discuss the challenges that face our industries and actions we are taking in support of each other and Chicago-area creators.

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The next Indie Film Town Hall will be announced soon.

Indie Film Town Hall #4: Legal and Insurance Challenges and Opportunities

July 9, 2020

Featuring: Congressman Danny Davis, 7th District of Illinois; Kwame Amoaku, Chicago Film Office; Chris Johnson, Johnsonese Brokerage; Tom Leavens, Mandell Menkes; Brenda Robinson, Swanson, Martin & Bell; Moderator: Betsy Steinberg, Independent Film Alliance Chicago

Indi Film Town Hall #3: Production and New Protocols

June 12, 2020

Featuring: Kwame Amoaku, Chicago Film Office; Charles Andrew Gardner, SAG-AFTRA Chicago Local; Christine Dudley, Senior Advisor, Illinois Production Alliance; Brad Matthys, President, IATSE Local 476; Mike Koon, Director of Sports, Events, and Film, Champaign County; Moderator: Independent Film Alliance Chicago, Angie Gaffney

Indie Film Town Hall #2

May 28, 2020

Featuring: Chicago Film Office, Kwame Amoaku; Full Spectrum Features, Jason Matsumoto; Kartemquin Films, Jolene Pinder; Midwest Film Festival, Erica Duffy; OTV, Aymar Jean Christian

Indie Film Town Hall #1

May 14, 2020

Featuring: Christine Dudley, IPA; Angie Gaffney, IFA; Peter Hawley, Illinois Film Office; Anthony Kaufman, Chicago International Film Festival & Industry Days; Brenda Webb, Chicago Filmmakers; Yvonne Welbon, Sisters in Cinema