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The Headhunters Daughter [short film]

  Don Josephus Raphael Eblahan

  Philippines     15 minutes


Lynn leaves her family behind to pursue her luck in the city as a country singer.

This film screens as part of Shorts 5: Moments (Drama)


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Leonor Will Never Die Ang Pagbabalik ng Kwago

  Martika Ramirez Escobar

  Philippines     99 minutes


In this inventive mashup of low-budget ’80s Filipino action thrillers, retired screenwriter Leonor spends her time absent-mindedly puttering around her house. Reminiscing about her glory days, she dusts off an old screenplay—a story of bloody, brotherly revenge—in hopes that she might submit it to a local competition. After she is struck by a falling television and knocked into a coma, Leonor is transported into the world of her unfinished script. Trapped inside her own creation, she embarks on a free-wheeling odyssey to finish the film while still unconscious. Director Martika Ramirez Escobar lends a light touch to the surreal proceedings as her offbeat tale oscillates between old-fashioned shoot-’em-ups and tender, human drama. The result is both a love letter to Filipino action cinema and a winning, metatextual reflection on the creative process and mortality.

This film is part of a double feature screening with The One-Armed Executioner.

 Filipino with subtitles 

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Film Credits

  •   Monster Jimenez, Mario Cornejo
  •   Martika Ramirez Escobar
  •   Lawrence S. Ang
  •   Eero Yves S. Francisco
  •   Carlos Mauricio
  •   Sheila Francisco, Bong Cabrera, Rocky Salumbides, Anthony Falcon
  •   Alyana Cabral and Pan De Coco
  •   Arkeofilms


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