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Bergman Island

Mia Hansen-Løve  |   France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden
Drama, Film on Film, Women Centered
Participating in a writing residency on Sweden’s Fårö island, where legendary film director Ingmar Bergman made his home and filmed many of his enduring masterworks, two American filmmakers (Vicky Krieps [...]

Cinema Sabaya (סינמה סבאיא)

Orit Fouks Rotem  |   Israel, Belgium
Arabic, Hebrew  
Drama, Film on Film, Religion, Women Centered
In this heartfelt ode to the unifying power of art, nine women register for a video workshop hoping to learn basic filmmaking techniques from young director Rona. As the strangers, [...]

In Front of Your Face (Dangsin-Eolgul-Apeseo)

Hong Sangsoo  |   South Korea
Drama, Film on Film, Women Centered
A middle-aged former actress living in the United States returns home to South Korea to reconnect with old friends, visit family, and atone for past transgressions. While on her trip, [...]

One Second (Yi miao zhong)

Zhang Yimou  |   China
Drama, Film on Film, Historical
Set in a small Chinese village at the edge of the Gobi desert during the last years of the Cultural Revolution, an escaped prisoner risks everything to get his hands [...]

Oscar Micheaux – The Superhero of Black Filmmaking

Francesco Zippel  |   Italy
English, Italian  
Biopic, Documentary, Film on Film, Social Commentary
The most successful African American director of the first half of the 20th century, Oscar Micheaux wrote, directed, and produced more than 44 films and six novels before his death [...]


Constance Meyer  |   France
Drama, Film on Film
Legendary French actor Gerard Depardieu shines as idiosyncratic film star Georges, despondent over the prospect of his trusted bodyguard taking leave for a few weeks. When substitute Aïssa, an amateur [...]

The Story of Film: A New Generation

Mark Cousins  |   United Kingdom
Documentary, Film on Film
In this inspiring survey of cinematic innovation, British cineaste Mark Cousins follows up his 2011 influential work The Story of Film: An Odyssey with this expansive and illuminating journey across [...]

The Tsugua Diaries (Diários de Otsoga)

Maureen Fazendeiro, Miguel Gomes  |   Portugal
Portuguese, Romanian  
Comedy, Experimental, Film on Film
Told from end to beginning, The Tsugua Diaries begins with Crista, Carloto and João dancing ecstatically in a living room, seemingly celebrating the end of something. In the next sequence, [...]