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Burning Days Kurak Günler

  Emin Alper

  Turkey, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Greece, Croatia     130 minutes


After arriving in the drought-plagued rural outpost of Balkaya, by-the-book prosecutor Emre slowly begins to realize that he has been sent into a viper’s nest of corruption and scandal. Although he is hesitant to accept an invitation to dinner at the mayor’s residence, Emre eventually allows himself to be persuaded to attend, lest he offend the chummy official. But after waking up in the morning with little recollection of the events of the previous evening, he learns, to his horror, that a young Romany woman was assaulted on the premises. Emre embarks on an investigation that tests his own moral character as it threatens to reveal a secret of his own. Handsomely photographed, this crackling, politically-minded thriller also serves as a powerful cautionary tale of ascendant homophobia and populist attitudes gaining ground throughout the world.

 Turkish with subtitles 

Screenings & Events


Fri, Oct 14 @ 5:15pm CDT

at AMC River East, Screen 7


Sat, Oct 15 @ 12:00pm CDT

at AMC River East, Screen 7


Film Credits

  •   Nadir Öperli, Kerem Çatay
  •   Emin Alper
  •   Özcan Vardar, Eytan İpeker
  •   Ceyda Yüceer
  •   Christos Karamanis (GSC)
  •   Selahatti̇n Paşali, Eki̇n Koç, Erol Babaoğlu, Erdem Şenocak, Seli̇n Yeni̇nci̇
  •   Krešimir Rodic
  •   Stefan Will
  •   Ay Yapim, Liman Film

Shorts: Best of the Fest


  Austria, China, France, Greece, Poland, Portugal, United States 94 minutes


Otherworldly. Transcendent. Heartwarming. Insightful. Powerful. These six Hugo Award-winning short films have been selected by our juries as the best of the 56th Chicago International Film Festival.

In “The End of Suffering (a proposal)” (Greece), a young  woman’s anxiety attack becomes an intergalactic dialogue with the universe. A young New Jersey native returns to his hometown in “Gramercy” (United States), where his ongoing battle with depression becomes a poetic exploration of brotherhood and personal struggle. Sifting through old letters between his parents, Adam uncovers an extraordinary family secret in “We Have One Heart” (Poland). An essayistic contemplation of the act of desertion within the world of a videogame in “How To Disappear” (Austria). “Tie” (Portgual, France) finds two characters search for missing pieces of themselves in a gloomy, surreal landscape. And “Step Into The River” (China, France) presents a sumptuously-drawn fable about the consequences of China’s one-child policy.

 Chinese, English, French, Greek, Polish with subtitles 


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Apples Mila

  Christos Nikou

  Greece, Poland, Slovenia 90 minutes

Watch Info

  Virtual SOLD OUT

Available to stream Oct 19-25 in the United States.

Virtual Events

Livestream Filmmaker Q&A:

With director Christos Nikou


In this chimerical, brooding feature debut, a mysterious pandemic rages across the globe causing sudden amnesia in the infected. When solitary Aris is afflicted, he finds himself enrolled in an experimental rehabilitation program. His treatment: performing prescribed tasks mimicking life’s milestone moments and capturing these new memories with a Polaroid camera. Just as Aris is finding his footing, an encounter with a woman undergoing the same therapy sets him on a different path. Through images deadpan, strange, and surreal, Yorgos Lanthimos collaborator Christos Nikou posits a beguiling reflection on memory, identity, nostalgia, and loss.

“It’s a testament to the strength of this lonely and aloof tragicomedy’s central allegory that it adapts so well to our pear-shaped times.”

 Greek with subtitles 


Shorts 8: Realms Unknown (Experimental)


  Belgium, Greece, Russia, United States 60 minutes


This collection of aesthetically bold works envisions new worlds both personal and cosmic. Masterfully crafted and elegantly composed, these experiments in science fiction embark on an odyssey toward the outer reaches of human experience and cinema. Featuring works by Jacqueline Lentzou, Dorian Jespers, and Ben Rivers.

Sofia’s anxiety attack becomes an intergalactic dialogue with the universe in The End of Suffering (a proposal) (Greece). Sun Dog (Russia/Belgium) follows the wanderings of a young locksmith living in a frozen city in the Russian Arctic. His surreal dreams corrode his relationship to reality and create a phantasmagoric universe. Look Then Below (U.S.) conjures futuristic beings and smoke-filled landscapes as it documents fantastic new worlds beyond the realms of time and space.

 English, Greek, Russian with subtitles 

Shorts 5: The Life of the Mind (Drama)


  Greece, Iran, Israel, Laos, United Arab Emirates, United States, Vietnam 90 minutes


Deeply-felt characters and stirring performances are featured in this program of films that reckon with humanity, history, and time. An eclectic mix of styles and subjects is united by their expertly-rendered observations about lives past and present. Featuring works by Baran Sarmad, Omer Sterenberg, Kathy Esquenazi Mitrani, Phạm Ngọc Lân, Nawaf Al Janahi, and Thelyia Petraki.

In Spotted Yellow (Iran), a young girl with a yellow spot on her face begins to understand what it means to be a giraffe. A solider surveilling a gay Palestinian couple begins to question everything in Listening In (Israel). Buzzkill (U.S.) follows an adolescent girl as she desperately tries to fit in with a group of South Florida teenagers. In The Unseen River (Vietnam/Laos), an old woman visits an ex-lover while a sleepless young boy seeks the advice of a monk—a dreamy document of the rhythms of the Mekong. An abandoned old man drifts Somewhere in Time (United Arab Emirates) as he battles death with a beautiful memory. Bella (Greece) is a striking and emotional blend of fiction and documentary that chronicles a woman and world in flux at the end of the Cold War.

 Arabic, English, Greek, Persian, Vietnamese with subtitles 


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