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The Shiny Shrimps Les Crevettes pailletées

  Cédric Le Gallo & Maxime Govare

  France      2019    


Under fire after making a homophobic statement on TV, Olympic swimmer Matthias is in hot water. Desperate to make good, he’ll do anything to regain his place on the national team. The penance? Coach the Shiny Shrimps, a flamboyant and amateur gay water polo team angling to qualify for the Gay Games in Croatia. This boisterous comedy, dripping with screwball gags, effervescent laughs, and an enormous heart, chronicles a bumpy-yet-joyful ride where both coach and teammates have something to prove.

 French with subtitles 
  105 minutes



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Triplets of Belleville

Adopted by his grandmother, Madame Souza, Champion is a lonely little boy. Noticing that this lad is never happier than on a bicycle, Madame Souza puts him through a rigorous training process. Years go by and Champion becomes worthy of his name. Now he’s ready to enter the world-famous cycling race, the Tour de France. However during this cycling contest two mysterious men in black kidnap Champion. Madame Souza and her faithful dog Bruno set out to rescue him. Their quest takes them across the ocean to a giant Megalopolis called Belleville where they encounter the renowned Triplets of Belleville, three eccentric female music-hall stars from the 30’s who decide to take Madame Souza and Bruno under their wing. Thanks to Bruno’s brilliant sense of smell, the brave duo is soon on to Champion’s trail. But will they succeed in beating the devilish plans of the evil French mafia?

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Gender identity and growing up are at the heart of this sweet and heartbreaking film about Laure, a 10-year-old girl who pretends to be a boy in her new surroundings after being confused for one by neighbor Lisa. As Michael, Laure soon wins the admiration of neighborhood boys for her soccer skills. No matter how imaginative Laure is in dealing with boy issues, keeping her true identity secret will prove difficult as Laure and Lisa become closer.

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Ten year-old Max is bored, he’s looking for some fun. One day, he finds himself listening to the virtuoso guitar-playing of a gypsy named Miraldo. Max is transfixed by the unusual music: he has discovered “manouche”. Like a bee to honey, he’s drawn to this haunting music, heading off to the wrong side of town, where the gypsies live–a place he knows he’s not supposed to visit. Undeterred, he buys a guitar and convinces Miraldo to tutor him. Soon he’s discovered a whole new world–gypsy jazz and a girl named Swing. A generous, purely joyful and exuberant film that teaches the importance of delving into other cultures.

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Public Enemy

Four past members of the Black Panther Party — playwright and former prisoner Jamal Joseph; renowned musician and record producer Nile Rodgers; law professor and lecturer Kathleen Cleaver; and founding party member Bobby Seale — share their personal memories and thoughts on the historic, militant civil rights group that caused a stir in America during the 1960s and ’70s. The subjects also reflect on the organization’s impact on contemporary American society.

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