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The Chicago International Film Festival honors the work of incomparable film artists from across genres and disciplines.

Tribute: Art Paul


Sunday, Oct 14 @ 7:00PM
Legendary Chicago graphic artist Art Paul, who died earlier this year, created the famous rabbit logo for Playboy and hired many of its greatest illustrators. Over the years, Paul continued to work as an influential artist and designed posters for the Chicago International Film Festival. Celebrate the award-winning designer with a screening and discussion around Jennifer Hou Kwong’s new film Art Paul of Playboy: The Man Behind the Bunny featuring Paul’s wife Suzanne Seed and moderated by entertainment reporter Bill Zwecker.

Tribute: William Friedkin


Monday, Oct 15 @ 6:00PM
Ever since his groundbreaking 1960 Chicago documentary The People vs. Paul Crump, William Friedkin has distinguished himself as one of the most fearless and exceptional American filmmakers. From his ‘70s Hollywood masterpieces (The French Connection, The Exorcist) to his more recent indie dramas (Bug, Killer Joe), Friedkin has shown a daring commitment to his craft. Friedkin will present The Band Wagon (on Sunday, 10/14) and receive a Lifetime Achievement Award along with the North American premiere of the illuminating new documentary Friedkin Uncut (on Monday, 10/15). With screening of Friedkin Uncut.

Tribute: Carey Mulligan


Tuesday, Oct 16 @ 6:00PM
British actress Carey Mulligan is one of the paramount talents of her generation. Nominated for an Oscar®, a Golden Globe, and a SAG award for her radiant lead role in An Education, Mulligan has delivered captivating performances in a range of plays and films, including Shame, The Great Gatsby, Inside Llewyn Davis, Mudbound, and this year’s Festival selection, Wildlife, in which she stars as a complex mother struggling to keep herself above water. With screening of Centerpiece film Wildlife.

Tribute: Ruth Carter


Saturday, Oct 20 @ 6:00PM
Oscar®-nominated costume designer Ruth Carter has created some of cinema’s most memorable costumes over the last three decades. She’s displayed tremendous range with her playful and provocative work on Spike Lee’s School Daze and Do the Right Thing, her authentic period costumes for Steven Spielberg’s Amistad and Ava DuVernay’s Selma, and her recent Afrofuturist designs for the Marvel blockbuster Black Panther. With remarkable skill and talent, Carter has consistently demonstrated a powerful understanding of the relationship between wardrobe and character.

tribute: Colleen Moore


Sunday, Oct 21 @ 2:15PM
Colleen Moore (1899-1988) was not only one of the great comediennes of the silent screen era, but also co-founder of the Chicago International Film Festival. Known for her bobbed haircut, she starred in dozens of films from the teens into the 1930s. We will be presenting clips from her early classics leading up to one of her rare sound films, The Power and the Glory. Join her grandson Billy Hargrave in conversation with Michael Kutza for this celebration of a Chicago legend and an early cinema icon. With screening of The Power and The Glory.