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A harnessed camel with no rider stands in the sand in front of a group of people conversing under an umbrella.

Frames of Reference: Documentary

  •   Canada | Palestine | Saudi Arabia | United States

These five incredible shorts function as a window into diverse forms of the human experience, highlighting courageous expressions of identity, examples of uplifting community, and insightful responses to common misconceptions.

Please note: Films in this program contain themes, images, and language that may not be suitable for all ages.


A young woman gazes ahead with her hair draped over her eyes and her right hand clawed over her chest.

The Heel

Sofia S. Lomax | Connecticut | Age 22

Jules Daddio, also known as Skylar Grey, is an up-and-coming female wrestler from North Haven, Connecticut. Jules paints a picture of the professional wrestling ecosystem and grapples with the history of women’s progress in the sport.

A young man with a visual impairment closely inspects a clear mug of milk.

Blind Sighted

Mitch Davila Armendano | Colorado | Age 14

Mitch, Jaden, and Stevie, three young students with visual impairments who attend the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind, detail common misconceptions and their struggles for accurate representation.

A red and white furry with fangs, black claws, and yellow goggles dances in front of the mirror.


Aly Labbé-Hervieux | Canada | Age 21

In Pessamit, Canada, Aly reflects upon the importance of their fursona, Dexter. Dexter helps Aly bring joy to others through his extroverted and social attitude.

A group of aspiring martial artists excitedly prepares to engage in the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira.

The Capoeristas

Mariel Mudrik | Chicago | Age 21

A group of Chicagoans find companionship in the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira, exploring how it connects them not only to their community but also to their lost heritage.

A harnessed camel with no rider stands in the sand in front of a group of people conversing under an umbrella.


Ayan Khalil Shammmalakh | State of Palestine, Saudi Arabia | Age 19

This multimedia documentary follows Brucey–sailing slang for anchor–and his family as they give insight into the fishing trade and their connection to the ocean in Gaza.

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Event Information

Saturday, April 20, 2024

  •   5 shorts | 53 minutes
1517 W Fullerton Ave
Chicago, IL 60614 United States



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