Education Screenings & Study Guides

Education Screenings

The Education Screening Program is designed with the goals of fostering cultural understanding, promoting media literacy and engaging critical thinking skills in Chicago Public School students. Established in 1992, the Program provides Chicago Public School students and educators access to international, documentary, short and local films – introducing this audience to new cultures and languages as well as thought-provoking themes and perspectives through cinema. Annually, Cinema/Chicago brings over 7,000 students from more than 45 Chicago Public Schools into theaters throughout the school year for unique, one-of-a-kind screenings.

Our goals are not only to give students from across the city and of diverse backgrounds the opportunity to view one-of-a-kind films but also, in the process, to transform them from passive audience members to active, engaged viewers and thinkers. Because Chicago Public School teachers have limited financial resources to provide students with field trip experiences, Cinema/Chicago provides buses, theaters, films, speakers, study guides, and teacher support entirely free of charge.

Study Guides

Prior to Education Screenings, study guides are provided to give students background to the cultural context of the films, highlight themes and historical references and introduce questions that encourage personal examination of the films’ subject matter. Each screening is followed by a Q&A with filmmakers, subjects and/or film professionals and professors.

Study guides from past Education Screenings are available to educators to use any time in the classroom. For additional questions or lesson ideas, as well as where to find past films, please contact info@chicagofilmfestival.com.

Past Study Guides