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Dinner and a (Streaming) Movie: Niu Sushi and Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Published: May 12, 2020  |  Filed under: Dinner and a Movie

Welcome to Dinner and a (Streaming) Movie! Each week for #TakeoutTuesday, we will collaborate with one of our Hot Spots restaurant partners to bring you delicious pickup and delivery food options along with a film selected by the chef preparing your meal!

This week, we’re featuring Niu Sushi, serving Japanese sushi and unique “fusion makis,” in a perfect pairing with Jiro Dreams of Sushi, the delectably exquisite documentary that will make you want to order more.

Dinner Take-Out Pick

I followed my heart and it led me to sushi.” – Owner Cherie Cheung


Opened in 2007, Niu Sushi’s inventive pan-Asian menu blends Sushi, Japanese, Thai, Korean, and Chinese influences: little bites of modern Tokyo, Bangkok, and Shanghai, all blended in with the energy of Chicago. The menu offers a variety of sushi basics, but the real enticements are the one-of-a-kind “fusion makis” with such names as “Sexy Mexican,” “White Angel,” and “Diablo”. For those sushiphobes, there is a fantastic selection of vegetarian, stir-fry and soup creations.

Recommended Dish:

Niu Sushi Set

We recommend the Niu Sushi Set to pair with Jiro Dreams of Sushi for a delectable Dinner and a Movie night in.
The Niu Sushi Set comes with 6 pieces of Chef’s choice nigiri and with one California roll (8pcs).

Chef’s selections may include: Maguro tuna, salmon, super-white tuna, yellowtail, shrimp, red snapper.

Additionally, if you’re looking for delicious lunch deals, we’ve just launched our bento boxes to go and maki combos!

How to Order:

To Order: or call 312-527-2888.
Menu: In addition to the Niu Sushi Set, the full menu is available for take-out & delivery, along with selected bottles of wine, sake, beer. (Curb-side pick up & no-contact delivery is available)

Special Promotion:

Get 10% OFF when you subscribe with your email at

Select Niu Sushi Options

Movie Pick

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Director: David Gelb

Jiro Dreams of Sushi is the story of 85-year-old Jiro Ono, considered by many to be the world’s greatest sushi chef. He is the proprietor of Sukiyabashi Jiro, a 10-seat, sushi-only restaurant inauspiciously located in a Tokyo subway station. Despite its humble appearances, it is the first restaurant of its kind to be awarded a prestigious three-star Michelin Guide rating, and sushi lovers from around the globe make repeated pilgrimage, calling months in advance and shelling out top dollar for a coveted seat at Jiro’s sushi bar. Jiro Dreams of Sushi is a thoughtful and elegant meditation on work, family, and the art of perfection, chronicling Jiro’s life as both an unparalleled success in the culinary world and as a loving yet complicated father.

Streaming Details:
Jiro Dreams of Sushi is streaming now on Netflix, Hulu, and is available for digital rental.

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