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Attending Filmmakers: Julie Bertuccelli and Lynda Rutledge

Published: October 19, 2018  |  Filed under: Festival News

The Chicago International Film Festival is very excited to welcome the director of Claire Darling, Julie Bertuccelli. Accompanying her is Lynda Rutledge, author of the book which the film is adapted from. Catherine Deneuve and daughter Chiara Mastroianni play mother and daughter in this family drama that’s as tempestuous and idiosyncratic as its lead character. Nearing the end of life, Claire Darling (Deneuve) spontaneously decides to sell her belongings—each object brings into focus memories of her colorful life. Concerned about her mother’s behavior, Claire’s estranged daughter returns home, but the reunion is freighted with the weight of the past.

Claire Darling

“This film explores a mother-daughter relationship. It’s emotional, subtle and elegant, and it portrays strong women characters,” said Matthieu Delaunay, sales executive at Memento Films Intl. (Variety)

Claire Darling screens Friday, October 19 @ 8:30pm, Saturday, October 20 @12:15pm and Sunday, October 21 @ 4:30pm with filmmakers scheduled to attend on October 20 and 21. All screenings are at AMC River East (322 E. Illinois).

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