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Associate Board’s 2016 Screening Series

Published: February 8, 2016  |  Filed under: Festival News

This year is going to be a fun one for moviegoers around Chicago. The Associate Board for Cinema/Chicago has announced a screening of The Princess Bride on February 17th that will kick off the Associate Board’s 2016 Screening Series. Audiences will be treated to an eclectic mix of beloved and lesser-known films throughout the year, all being screened at the luxurious PUBLIC Chicago Hotel. For just $15/screening, attendees can get free popcorn and two Stella Artois! A pass for entry to all five screenings is also available for $60.

The Screening Series will show the following films on the listed dates:

The Princess Bride on February 17

Rushmore on April 13

Dazed and Confused on June 15

Scream on September 21

Amélie on December 7

Proceeds from these screenings will go to Chicago International Film Festival’s year-round Education Program. Cinema/Chicago’s Education Program brings film to Chicago students and showcases the creativity of young filmmakers, as well as facilitate the development of young audiences.

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