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The Year Between

  Alex Heller

  United States     95 minutes


Making her darkly funny assured feature debut, Chicago filmmaker Alex Heller writes, directs, and stars as a defiantly independent woman struggling to get her life back on track. Kicked out of college for bad behavior, cranky and acerbic Clemence returns to her suburban Chicagoland home where she learns she has bipolar disorder. Clashing with her loved ones and trying to hold down a job, Clemence strives to find a new equilibrium in life—with uneven results. Featuring memorable supporting performances from Steve Buscemi and J. Smith-Cameron (Succession) as Clemence’s parents, The Year Between deftly balances biting humor with the serious realities of mental illness to create a sharply comic and fiercely honest portrait of early adulthood.

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Film Credits

  •   Eugene Sun Park, Amanda Phillips, Sonya Lunsford, Rachel Gould, Caterin Camargo-Alvarez, Alex Heller
  •   Alex Heller
  •   Harrison Atkins
  •   Carrie Allen, Cris Garcia
  •   Jason Chiu
  •   Alex Heller, J. Smith-Cameron, Wyatt Oleff, Emily Robinson, Steve Buscemi
  •   Coll Anderson
  •   Kotomi
  •   Adrienne Becker, HaJ, Roger Clark, Susanna Fogel, J. Smith-Cameron, Kelly Aisthorpe Waller, Ted Reilly, Markie Glassgow
  •   Level Forward, Full Spectrum Features


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The Clement Family

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