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The Visitors Návštěvníci

  Veronika Lišková

  Czech Republic, Norway, Slovakia     85 minutes


After a young Czech anthropologist, Zdenka, moves with her family to the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard to study how life is changing for this unique polar community, she quickly falls in love with her new home. But all is not sweeping Arctic beauty and quiet serenity in one of the world’s northernmost inhabited areas. Besides the threat of melting glaciers and thinning permafrost, Zdenka soon discovers a central tenant of Svalbard’s social policy—which allows citizens from all over the world to work there without a visa—is fueling deep-seated tensions in the area. With a mixture of beautiful Nordic vistas and icy psychological conflict, The Visitors is a remarkably prescient and humanistic story illuminating how the climate crisis, economics, and immigration are inextricably intertwined.

 Czech, English, Norwegian with subtitles 

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Virtual Screening

Available to stream Oct 13 @ 12:00pm CT through Oct 23 @ 11:59pm CT for a 48-hour watch window. Available in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin only.


Film Credits

  •   Kristýna Michálek Květová, Martina Netíková
  •   Veronika Lišková
  •   Marek Šulík
  •   Vojtěch Vančura
  •   Zdenka Sokolíčková, Jakub Žárský, Josef Žárský, Vratislav Žárský, Adam Žárský
  •   Jakub Jurásek, Jan Richtr
  •   Jana Winderen, Jonatán Pastirčák
  •   Cinémotif Films, Ten Thousand Images, Peter Kerekes


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