Vast of Night film still

The Vast of Night


One night in a sleepy 1950s New Mexico town, a high-school switchboard operator hears a mysterious sound bleeding through the phone-lines. Running around town, she teams up with a crackerjack radio host to identify the source of the sonic disturbances. With dynamic, fluid camerawork, a keen use of sound and darkness, and a Spielbergian touch, filmmaker-to-watch Andrew Patterson follows their thrilling unearthly investigation as it leads to realms unknown.

“Like an old school radio play that fuses the slow-building paranoia of The Twilight Zone and chilling awe and extraterrestrial sightings of Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”
-TV Guide


The Vast of Night: Thu, Oct 24 @ 10:15 pm

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The Vast of Night: Sat, Oct 26 @ 10:15 pm

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