The Road Not Taken

  •   Tang Gaopeng
  •   China
  •   New Directors Competition, Spotlight: Comedy
  •   Comedy, Road Movie


“This offbeat road movie has a sly, dry humor and an ability to shift between different registers, allowing the predominant comedy to end on a melancholy but satisfying note of self-sacrifice” –THR

Indebted to the local mob, a bumbling ostrich farmer agrees to take care of a sullen kidnapped boy until his father pays his ransom. The odd pair impulsively hits the road, and antics abound as they link up with other transient souls who inhabit the expansive plains of China’s Gobi Desert. This poetic, wry, and melancholic road movie won top honors at the Shanghai Film Festival.

  •  Mandarin with subtitles
  •  113 minutes


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