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The Return of Tanya Tucker – Featuring Brandi Carlile

  Kathlyn Horan

  United States     108 minutes


Trailblazing, hell-raising country music legend Tanya Tucker, known for her 1972 hit “Delta Dawn,” defied the standards of how a woman in country music was supposed to behave. Decades after Tanya slipped from the spotlight, rising music star Brandi Carlile takes it upon herself to write an entire album for her hero based on Tanya’s extraordinary life, spurring the greatest comeback in country music history.

The Return of Tanya Tucker follows Tanya’s richly creative, utterly captivating, bumpy ride back to the top as Brandi encourages her to push past her fears to create a new sound and reach a new audience. Through rare archival footage and photographs to delve into Tanya’s history along with the live recording sessions of her new album, The Return of Tanya Tucker is a rousing exploration of an unexpected friendship built on the joy of a perfectly timed creative collaboration.

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Film Credits

  •   Julie Goldman, Christopher Clements, Carolyn Hepburn, Kathlyn Horan
  •   Brady Hammes
  •   Jessica Young
  •   Tanya Tucker, Brandi Carlile, Shooter Jennings
  •   Lynn Hubbard, David Zapolsky, Jenny Raskin, Geralyn White Dreyfous, The Wadsworth Family, Regina K. Scully, Adam and Melony Lewis, InMAAT Productions, Brandi Carlile
  •   Motto Pictures, TinFish Films


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Cynthia Stone Raskin