The Painted Bird film still

The Painted Bird


This harrowing adaptation of Jerzy Kosinski’s controversial 1965 novel follows a young Polish boy forced to fend for himself as he traverses Eastern Europe during the brutal years of World War II. A decade-long labor of love for director Václav Marhoul, the film balances physical and psychological horror with breathtaking visuals reminiscent of Elem Klimov’s masterwork Come and See.

The Painted Bird is inarguably effective and immersive, its hard, unyielding gaze backed up by the muscularity of its craft.”

  •  Czech, German, Russian, Slavic Esperanto with subtitles


The Painted Bird: Wed, Oct 23 @ 8:30 pm

Director Václav Marhoul

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The Painted Bird: Thu, Oct 24 @ 5:15 pm

Director Václav Marhoul

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