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The Other Side of the River

  Antonia Kilian

  Germany, Finland     90 minutes


At only 19, Hala fought in one of the Kurdish armed forces’ all-female brigades to liberate her hometown from ISIS. Now, working as a policewoman, she has a new mission: To free her younger sisters from the strict rule of her father. German filmmaker Antonia Kilian had set out to make a portrait of revolutionary feminism in the Middle East, but what she finds is a young woman ensnared in a far more complex situation, where the fight against oppression isn’t only on the battlefield but much closer to home. At a time when fundamentalist forces threaten women’s rights around the world, Hala’s story is urgent and absorbing and serves as a stark reminder of the desperate measures people will take in the search for freedom.

 Arabic, German, Kurdish 

Screenings & Events

In-Theater Screening

Sat, Oct 16 @ 2:00pm CDT

at AMC River East, Screen 4

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Virtual Screening

Available to stream Oct 14 @ 12:00pm CDT to Oct 24 @ 11:59pm CDT in the following states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin

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Film Credits

  •   Frank Müller, Antonia Kilian, Guevara Namer, Merja Ritola
  •   Antonia Kilian, Guevara Namer, Arash Asadi
  •   Arash Asadi
  •   Antonia Kilian
  •   Hala and Sosan Mustafa
  •   Shkoon ( Ameen Khayer, Thorben Diekmann)
  •   Doppelplusultra Filmproduktion GmbH, Pink Shadow Films


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