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The One-Armed Executioner

  Bobby A. Suarez

  Philippines     95 minutes


In this electrifying example of the ‘80s Philippine action wave, Interpol agent Ramon Ortega (Death Fight’s Franco Guerrero) returns to Manila after his honeymoon and volunteers to break up a local crime syndicate. After he finds crucial evidence that could implicate a local businessman, henchmen break into Ramon’s house, kill his new bride, and sever his arm. Bereft and filled with self-pity, Ramon eventually pulls himself back together piece by bloody piece, training with the help of his best friend to become a ruthless killing machine—a one-armed executioner bent on vengeance!

This film is part of a double feature screening with Leonor Will Never Die.

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Film Credits

  •   Roberto S. Suarez II, Bobby A. Suarez
  •   Ray Hamilton, Bobby A. Suarez
  •   David Hung, Joseph Zucchero
  •   Jun Pereira
  •   Franco Guerrero, Jody Kay, Mike Cohen, Pete Cooper
  •   Gene Kauer
  •   Gene S. Suarez
  •   BAS Film Productions Inc.
  •   1983