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The Odd-Job Men Sis dies corrents

  Neus Ballús

  Spain     85 minutes


In this wry and thoroughly charming yarn, a trio of real-life plumbers play three handymen who spend six comically tense days in one another’s company. With long-term crony Pep’s impending retirement, bullheaded Valero is assigned a new partner, and Moroccan immigrant Moha, is determined to make a good impression. As the group travels to service calls along the outskirts of Barcelona, Valero can’t help but be put off by Moha — but is it his ethnicity or his easy rapport with the clients that bothers Valero more? Equal parts sit-com and droll character study, The Odd-Job Men deftly deploys humor to raise thoughtful questions about damaging masculine stereotypes and people’s capacity to change.

 Berber, Catalan, Spanish with subtitles 

Screenings & Events

In-Theater Screening

Mon, Oct 18 @ 3:15pm CDT

at AMC River East, Screen 7

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In-Theater Screening

Fri, Oct 22 @ 6:00pm CDT

at AMC River East, Screen 7

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Virtual Screening

Available to stream Oct 14 @ 12:00pm CDT to Oct 24 @ 11:59pm CDT in the following states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin

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Special Event

Wed, Oct 20 @ 12:00pm CDT

Livestream Q&A with director Neus Ballús.

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Film Credits

  •   Miriam Porté
  •   Neus Ballús and Margarita Melgar
  •   Neus Ballús and Ariadna Ribas
  •   Anna Molins
  •   Mohamed Mellali, Valero Escolar, Pep Sarrà
  •   René-Marc Bini
  •   Distinto Films
  •   https://www.betacinema.com/138/pid/278/The-Odd-Job-Men.htm


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