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The Lost King

  Stephen Frears

  United Kingdom     108 minutes


Philippa (Sally Hawkins) is a shy and fragile middle-aged Scottish writer, newly separated from her husband John (Steve Coogan) and looking for direction in her life. When she stumbles upon an eccentric group of revisionist historians, looking to reclaim the reputation of the much-maligned King Richard III, a fire is lit inside her, and she sets out to uncover the long-buried secrets of the infamous royal’s life and death. Based on remarkable actual events, veteran filmmaker Stephen Frears (The Queen) reteams with writer-actor Coogan (Philomena) and the incomparably winsome Hawkins (The Shape of Water) for this extraordinary story of an ordinary woman who took on scientists, bureaucrats, academics—and 500 years of history—to unearth the truth about the distant past, and, in the process, learn to stand up for herself.

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Film Credits

  •   Steve Coogan, Christine Langan, Dan Winch
  •   Steve Coogan, Jeff Pope
  •   Pia Di Ciaula
  •   Andy Harris
  •   Zac Nicholson
  •   Sally Hawkins, Steve Coogan, Harry Lloyd
  •   Stuart Bruce
  •   Alexandre Desplat
  •   Cameron McCracken, Jenny Borgars, Rose Garnett, Andrea Scarso, Jeff Pope, Philippa Langley
  •   BBC Films, Baby Cow Productions, Ingenious Media, Magaritz Productions, Pathé


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