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The Last Duel

  Ridley Scott

  France, Ireland     152 minutes


From visionary filmmaker Ridley Scott comes a gripping tale of betrayal and vengeance set against the brutality of 14th century France. Based on actual events and written by Nicole Holofcener, Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon, the film unravels long-held assumptions about France’s last sanctioned duel between Jean de Carrouges (Damon) and Jacques Le Gris (Adam Driver), two friends turned bitter rivals. When Carrouges’ wife, Marguerite (Jodie Comer), is viciously assaulted by Le Gris, a charge he denies, she refuses to stay silent in an act of bravery and defiance that puts her life in jeopardy. A cinematic and thought-provoking historical epic, The Last Duel explores the ubiquitous power of men, the frailty of justice, and the strength and courage of one woman willing to stand alone in the service of truth.


Screenings & Events

In-Theater Screening

Thu, Oct 14 @ 8:15pm CDT

at AMC River East, Screen 11

This event has passed.


Film Credits

  •   Ridley Scott, Kevin J. Walsh, Jennifer Fox, Nicole Holofcener, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck
  •   Nicole Holofcener & Ben Affleck & Matt Damon based on the book by Eric Jager
  •   Claire Simpson
  •   Production designer - Arthur Max
  •   Dariusz Wolski
  •   Matt Damon, Adam Driver, Jodie Comer, Ben Affleck
  •   Harry Gregson Williams
  •   Scott Free and Pearl Street


Film Patron

Lynn Steffen