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The Kings of the World Los reyes del mundo

  Laura Mora

  Colombia, Norway, Luxembourg, Mexico, France     103 minutes


Streetwise teen Rá receives a long-awaited letter from the government certifying his rightful inheritance of family land snatched away decades earlier by paramilitary groups. Intoxicated by the prospect of a place to finally call home, he gathers his found family of brothers—five boys scavenging on the streets of Medellin—and together they embark on a journey across a landscape whose lush forests and inveigling mists conceal a pandemic of pervasive violence. Along the way, they encounter others inhabiting the margins of a society in turmoil, who alternatively offer lessons in courage and kindness, brutality and greed. Swinging between unbridled delirium and bitter reality, Roger Ebert Award-winning director Laura Mora’s (Killing Jesus) kaleidoscopic road movie follows an at-once surreal and perilous odyssey into the legacies of violence in contemporary Colombia.


58th Chicago International Film Festival Silver Hugo: Best Production Design. Learn more…

 Spanish with subtitles 

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Film Credits

  •   Cristina Gallego, Mirlanda Torres Zapata
  •   Laura Mora, María Camila Arias
  •   Sebastián Hernández, Gustavo Vasco
  •   Daniel Rincón
  •   David Gallego A.D.F.C.
  •   Carlos Andrés Castañeda, Davidson Andrés Flores, Brahian Stiven Acevedo, Cristian Camilo David Mora, Cristian David Campaña, Laura Mora
  •   Carlos E. García
  •   Leo Heiblum, Alexis Ruiz
  •   Ciudad Lunar, La Selva Cine, Iris Productions, Tu Vas Voir, Talipot Studio, Mer Films, Caracol TV


International Competition Patron

Jacolyn and John Bucksbaum Family Foundation