The Extraordinary Journey of Celeste Garcia (El viaje extraordinario de Celeste García)

  •   Arturo Infante
  •   Cuba, Germany
  •   Cinemas of the Americas, New Directors Competition, Spotlight: Comedy
  •   Comedy, Political, Sci-Fi


“The gently captivating movie combines a playfulness with astute insights.” -THR

In this absurdist send-up of contemporary Cuban society, retiree Celeste works part-time at the Havana planetarium. When the government announces that aliens, who have been living among them hidden in plain sight, have invited their hosts to visit their own planet, Celeste jumps at the opportunity for an intergalactic voyage. In preparation, she and her fellow travelers must run a physical and bureaucratic gauntlet—making them consider what they are seeking far, far away.

  •  Spanish with subtitles
  •  92 minutes


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