The Etruscan Smile

  •   Oded Binnun | Mihal Brezis
  •   United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland
  •   Drama, Generations
  •  107 minutes


In this light-hearted crowd-pleaser, an irascible Scotsman (Brian Cox) travels to San Francisco for medical treatment and reluctantly moves in with his estranged son. Cox delivers a rousing performance as Rory MacNeil, a man facing a serious illness who finds new life through the transformational bond he develops with his infant grandson, which, in turn, helps heal old family wounds. A moving look at the unusual circumstances that can bridge cultural and generational divides.


The Etruscan Smile: Sun, Oct 14 @ 7:45 pm

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The Etruscan Smile: Mon, Oct 15 @ 5:45 pm

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