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The Beasts As bestas

  Rodrigo Sorogoyen

  Spain, France     137 minutes


In a remote village nestled deep in the lush, mountainous forestland of Galicia, French couple Antoine and Olga live a peaceful life, farming sustainably and rehabilitating old houses. The locals have tolerated the outsiders to a degree, but simmering tensions begin to boil over when Antoine becomes embroiled in local politics. As animosity intensifies, Antoine stands his ground, and the village conflict escalates beyond a point of no return. Rodrigo Sorogoyen (Stockholm, Mother) has crafted a gripping and primal thriller, in which masculinity teeters on savagery, blurring the line between human and beast.


58th Chicago International Film Festival Silver Hugo: Best Ensemble Cast Performance. Learn more…

 French, Galician, Spanish with subtitles 

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Film Credits

  •   Ibon Cormenzana, Ignasi Estapé, Sandra Tapia Díaz, Eduardo Villanueva, Nacho Lavilla, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Jean Labadie, Anne-Laure Labadie, Thomas Pibarot
  •   Isabel Peña, Rodrigo Sorogoyen
  •   Alberto del Campo
  •   Jose Tirado
  •   Alejandro de Pablo
  •   Denis Menochet, Marina Foïs, Luis Zahera, Diego Anido, Marie Colomb
  •   Fabiola Ordoyo
  •   Oliver Arson
  •   Sandra Tapia
  •   Arcadia Motion Pictures, Caballo Films, Cronos Entertainment, Le Pacte


International Competition Patron

Jacolyn and John Bucksbaum Family Foundation