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  Chris Smith

  United States     88 minutes


In this tender yet fittingly irreverent portrait of filmmaker Robert Downey, Sr., renowned for his 1969 countercultural comedy Putney Swope, documentarian Chris Smith, together with the subject’s movie-star son, Robert Downey, Jr., conspire to tell the story of this fearless, visionary American director. Both an elegy for the rule-flouting underground icon, who passed away at age 85 last year, and as a testament to his tireless creative spirit, Sr. captures its subjects’ refreshing candor about aging, past struggles with addiction, and the ups and downs of working in Hollywood. Incredibly intimate and poignant, Smith’s film is ultimately an emotional depiction of a father-son bond that remained strong and deeply loving to the end.

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Film Credits

  •   Susan Downey, Kevin Ford, Robert Downey Jr., Emily Barclay Ford
  •   Daniel Koehler, Kevin Ford, Amanda Griffin
  •   Kevin Ford, Chris Smith
  •   Robert Downey Jr.
  •   Library Films


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