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  Cecilie Debell, Maria Tórgarð

  Faroe Islands, Denmark     75 minutes


Vivacious poet Dania, 21, who comes from a conservative Christian community, lives on a remote island in the North Sea. When she falls for secular hip-hop artist Trygvi, aka “Silver Boy,” a culture clash emerges, and Dania finds herself torn between remaining true to her faith or following her passions. Set amid the gorgeous windswept mountains and rushing coastal waters of the Faroe Islands and photographed with extraordinary intimacy, Skál (meaning “Cheers”) is a Scandinavian Romeo & Juliet story—with an empowering twist. A captivating, spirited tribute to youthful rebellion.

 Faroese with subtitles 

Screenings & Events

In-Theater Screening

Sun, Oct 17 @ 4:30pm CDT

at AMC River East, Screen 4

This event has passed.

Virtual Screening

Available to stream Oct 14 @ 12:00pm CDT to Oct 24 @ 11:59pm CDT in the following states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin

This event has passed.


Film Credits

  •   Heidi Kim Andersen
  •   Rebekka Lønqvist
  •   Cecilie Debell, Troels Rasmus Jensen, Rógvi Rasmussen, Maria Tórgarð, Jens Jákup Hansen
  •   Dania O. Tausen, Trygvi Danielsen
  •   Ólavur Jákupsson
  •   Made In Copenhagen


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Logo: WTTW (2019)

Documentary Patron

Cynthia Stone Raskin