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Collection of four comedic film stills representing Shorts Program 6

Shorts 6: Risible (Comedy)


  Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States     65 minutes


These impressive comedic shorts pack a punch and make it hard to hold in your laughter. Featuring works from Benoît Monney, Jon Olav Stokke, Fawzia Mirza, Victor Nyåker, Natalie Prisco, Anastasia Babenko, and Duro Howard Jr.

A film director struggles through a day of chaotic, unforeseen problems in Action (Switzerland). In Deloping (UK), Mary and Emma will settle their differences the only way they know how: a duel to the death! The day after meeting a crew of twenty somethings at a South Asian happy hour, 39-year-old Hena is thrown into their group chat in Auntie (US). In Circle of Trust (Sweden), Sonja and Per meet to create a space where they safely can explore sides of themselves that they suppress in their everyday lives. A bored middle-aged woman desperate for an adrenaline rush becomes entangled with a crew of dangerous diamond thieves in The Hostage (US). In a tiny hospital room, Vitya and Lena have no choice but to grow up as they welcome their newborn in The Diaper Cake (Ukraine). Experience the World—The Train (US) is an absurdist, soft-spoken journey along the Chicago red line train during rush hour.

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