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Collection of four scary film stills representing Shorts Program 3

Shorts 3: Things Aren’t What They Seem (After Dark)


  Mexico, United Kingdom, United States     86 minutes


This spine-tingling collection of shorts feels like a fever dream, taking viewers on a harrowing journey of crisis and mischief. Questioning everything becomes a means of survival. Featuring works by Joe Williams and Charlie Edwards-Moss, Ethan Soo, Fabio Colonna, Alison Roberto, Alix Austin, Chris McInroy, Isaac Berrocal, and Matty Crawford.

A brother calls a doctor to an isolated country home to examine his sister Debroah, who he believes is losing her mind in O’Glory (United Kingdom). In Swept Under (U.S.), a Cambodian adoptee receives a rug with a dark history as a housewarming gift. A woman wakes up to find her house transformed into a terrifying maze of creatures and nightmares in Unheimlich (Mexico). A Girls Night In (U.S.) is abruptly interrupted by a home invasion with a comedic twist. In Sucker (United Kingdom), a giant, mind-controlling, leech-like creature takes over the brains of two sisters. A worker with exposed Guts (U.S.) struggles at the office. In La Ceremonia (United Kingdom), a new priest carries out an exorcism that goes off the rails, and he’s forced to deal with a strange, evil power. A grief-stricken Angela visits her parents for a meal where discussion of painful truths turn the evening into a nightmare in The Dinner After (United Kingdom).

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Available to stream Oct 13 @ 12:00pm CT through Oct 23 @ 11:59pm CT for a 48-hour watch window. Available to stream anywhere in the United States.