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Shorts 4: Abstract Reflections (Documentary)


  Canada, France, Norway, The Netherlands, United States     85 minutes


These non-fiction films include intimate portraits and daring confrontational works that exhibit the myriad textures of everyday life. Autobiographical memories and reimagined histories shape new perspectives.

Joan Jett Blakk’s historic bid for the White House in 1992 is examined in The Beauty President (U.S.). Listen to the Beat of our Image (France) chronicles the archive of the establishment of the Guyanese Space Center. In Flow of Words (The Netherlands) examines the experiences of three interpreters of the Yugoslavia Tribunal in the Hague. A hairdresser reflects on her experiences as we bear witness to her unusual work in The Hairdresser (Canada). In the shadow of genocide, unsuspecting tourists enjoy a peaceful holiday in Greetings from Myanmar (Norway). In Radical Love (U.S.), an attorney couple breaks the law to help their good friends and clients, The Weather Underground.

Featuring works by Whitney Skauge, Audrey Jean Baptiste and Maxime Jean Baptiste, Eliana Esther Bots, Lorraine Price, Sunniva Sundby, and Andreas J. Riiser, William A. Kirkley.

Screenings & Events

In-Theater Screening

Sat, Oct 23 @ 2:45pm CDT

at AMC River East, Screen 7

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Virtual Screening

Available to stream Oct 14 @ 12:00pm CDT to Oct 24 @ 11:59pm CDT in the United States.

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