Shorts Program 7: Beyond a Boundary (Black Perspectives)

  •   Various
  •   Belgium, United Kingdom, United States
  •   Black Perspectives, Shorts


This program showcases talented African-American filmmakers and paints an image of black life in the United States and abroad.

Edgecombe (dir. Crystal Kayiza, U.S.) reveals a portrait of a shared history, place, and experience in the historic South—where maintained plantations and Confederate monuments stand as reminders of an ongoing struggle. Faced with an Emergency (dir. Carey Williams, U.S.) situation, a group of young black and Latinx friends carefully weigh the pros and cons of calling the police. Walker’s (dir. Kyle Myers-Haugh, U.S.) observes an historic black barbershop in Wilmington, NC and its lively, loyal customers. In Room Tone (dir. Morgan Cooper, U.S.), a freelance sound mixer can’t seem to let go of his unfulfilled dream. Rebirth is Necessary (dir. Jenn Nkiru, UK) is an archival exploration of the magic and dynamism of blackness in a world where time and space are altered. The Life of Esteban (dir, Inés Eshun, Belgium) follows the story of a boy destined for Olympic greatness. Black 14 (dir. Darius Clark Monroe, U.S.) uses archival footage to tell the story of a racial protest at the University of Wyoming in 1969.

  •  91 minutes


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