Shorts Program 6: Laughing Matters (Comedy)

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  •   Australia, Finland, Iceland, Mexico, Norway, Russia, South Korea
  •   Shorts, Spotlight: Comedy
  •   Comedy


Deadpan oddities and slapstick romps are featured in this program of comedic short films.

Drunken businessmen take their revelry to a local theme park where the Merry-Go-Round (dir. Ruslan Bratov, Russia) is too enticing to pass-up. The Moonshiners (dir. Juho Kuosmanen, Finland) re-makes the now-lost first Finnish silent film Salaviinanpolttajat, in which a couple sets off on an odyssey bearing only moonshine and a pig. An Exemplary Citizen (dir. Kim Cheol-hwi, South Korea) is disgusted at the state of a racetrack bathroom and decides to clean it. An Iranian refugee couple living in Norway invite a pair of Jehovah’s Witnesses into their home in Welcome Home (dir. Armita Keyani, Norway). In the deadpan Perisher (dir. Gabriel Hutchings, Australia), a teenage girl, a businessman, and a retired horse confront their uncertain futures. When journeying out To Plant a Flag (dir. Bobbie Peers, Norway/Iceland), two astronauts-in-training run into trouble with a local farmer. In Mamartuile (dir. Alejandro Saevich, Mexico), a Mexican President bent on a scandal-free final term is thrown for a loop when an international conflict interrupts his designs on peace and quiet.

  •  90 minutes


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