Shorts Program 1: Around the Corner (City & State)

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  •   United States
  •   City & State, Shorts


These innovative shorts showcase the very best in Chicago and Illinois filmmaking across a wide variety of genres and forms.

In the animated Opening Night (dir. Margaret Bialis), a man reflects on his life’s formative moments with humor and a musical twist. Hashtag Perfect Life (dir. Michael Paulucci) chronicles one woman’s attempt to clear her name after a public breakdown. Accident, MD (dir. Dan Rybicky) is a survey of attitudes about America’s healthcare crisis filmed in the small town of Accident, Maryland. In I Am Not Broken (dir. Felix Piñeiro), a young man struggling with his own sexuality goes on a time-bending journey of psychological self-discovery. Mike Mollo Prepares for a Fight (dir. Jake Zalutsky) in this reflective portrait of a boxer and his family. The docu-drama Whimper (dir. Pam Austin) follows 13-year-old Tony as he retreats to the woods to cope with his apocalyptic surroundings. Commodity/Fetish (dir. Spencer Parsons) is a wry examination of consumer culture and the relation between tiny crackers, haunted furniture, and poop.

This program contains explicit content.

  •  81 minutes


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