Shorts 9: Building Something Out Of Something


Homes, families, history, and memory collide in this program of narrative and documentary films that examine the ways in which architecture and the built environment influence our past, present, and future.

In Between (Republic of Kosovo) documents a valley in rural Kosovo where fathers build identical houses for their sons. A photographer follows a rebellious teenage girl into her hideout, an Amphitheater (Qatar). Brick Maker (Argentina) is a reflective examination of a family making sun-dried bricks in a changing economy. A survivor of the Bosnian War recollects the Omarska (France) concentration camp, a haunting space now forgotten. Highway to Heaven (Canada) examines the 25 houses of worship along a single stretch of road in British Columbia.


Shorts 9: Building Something Out Of Something: Thu, Oct 24 @ 5:00 pm

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Shorts 9: Building Something Out Of Something: Sat, Oct 26 @ 10:00 pm

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