Shorts 7 – Another Country: Black Perspectives

  •   Nigeria | United States
  •   Black Perspectives, Shorts


This program showcases talented African-American filmmakers and paints an image of black life in the United States and abroad.

A family grapples with the consequences of close-quarters racism in New Neighbors (U.S.). Fastest Man in the State (U.S.) examines the deep-seated racial divides embedded in the history of the University of Virginia. A bathroom attendant working the Night Shift (U.S.) in a Los Angeles nightclub attempts to get his life back on track. Waiting for Hassana (Nigeria) is a haunting recollection of a violent Boko Haram attack. A police Sketch (U.S) artist assumes he has solved a crime when he thinks he encounters a suspect from one of his renderings. Skull & Bone (U.S.) chronicles the costume-clad efforts of a New Orleans group to curb the threat of gun violence. Macho (U.S.) explores ideas of manhood and masculinity as a community reels from the recent murder of a transgender woman.

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Sat, Oct 21, 2017 4:30 PM

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Film Information

  •  2017
  •  80 minutes

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