Shorts 6: We All Laugh


Misunderstandings, lovable oddballs, and risky decisions come together in this program of comedic short films.

Nothing goes according to plan when a Guy Proposes to His Girlfriend on a Mountain (Austria/Germany). A couple in love finds themselves ready to take The Plunge (U.K.). Aziza (Syria/Lebanon) is learning to drive in a foreign country in this absurdist black comedy about the life of a Syrian refugee. A man with trouble sleeping volunteers for an overnight study and makes an unlikely friend in Nighty Night (U.S.). Two young boys stumble across a donkey wearing headphones smuggling drugs across the border in Nefta Football Club (France). Fun Factory (Norway/Germany) finds marital tensions boiling over into an awkward situation. Struggling with the loss of her mother, a woman invites her always-embarrassing father over for a weekend visit in Daddio.


Shorts 6: We All Laugh: Tue, Oct 22 @ 12:00 pm

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Shorts 6: We All Laugh: Sun, Oct 27 @ 4:45 pm **Rush Tickets only**

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