Shorts 5 – Speak, See, Remember

  •   Argentina | Israel | Japan | Sweden | Switzerland | United States
  •   Shorts


This program features a collection of boldly told stories that challenge stylistic conventions.

Centauro (Argentina) is a contemporary fable in which a rodeo clown’s brother seeks revenge for his gruesome death. Les Intranquilles (Switzerland) finds three young soldiers contemplating their stations in life as they navigate an empty landscape in search of a final look at the sea. In Seven Minutes (Israel), a soldier aching to return home must quickly complete a task or risk an extended stay on base. Across My Land (U.S., France) is a striking portrait of an American family living near the southern border. Signature (Japan) sees a Chinese immigrant desperately searching for work in a foreign metropolis. The Comet (Sweden) is the poetic story of an immigrant fleeing persecution and his costly, treacherous journey toward freedom.

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Sat, Oct 21, 2017 6:45 PM

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Film Information

  •  2017
  •  80 minutes

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