Shorts Program 3: Bad Don’t Sleep (After Dark)

  •   Various
  •   Canada, France, Greece, United States
  •   After Dark, Shorts


Horror films, late-night comedies, and hypnotic tales of obsession meet in this program of hair-raising short films.

In Hair Wolf (dir. Mariama Diallo, U.S.), the staff of a black hair salon fends off a strange new monster: white women intent on sucking the lifeblood from black culture. Icebergs (dir. Eirini Vianelli, U.S./Greece) is a dark comedy featuring 14 stop-motion vignettes both mundane and absurd. Late at night, a teenager goes into the kitchen for a glass of Milk (dir. Santiago Menghini, Canada) and finds his sleepless mother waiting for him. The Fall (dir. Boris Labbé, France) is a harrowing, animated rendering of mankind’s fall from grace and the intermingling of heaven and hell. At a ski resort in the French Pyrenees, Ivan longs to win back his motorcycle—the sentient, loving, breathing La Persistente (dir. Camille Lugan, France). In Home Shopper (dir. Dev Patel, U.S.), Penny, trapped in a loveless marriage, turns to a shopping channel to solve her problems.

  •  83 minutes


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