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Parkway Short Film Program


  United States     80 minutes


Three kids worry that their beloved school bus driver will be lonely this summer without them in Cupids (U.S.). The video game of life is played through stop-motion vignettes in Champion Edition (U.S.). A young student questions the meaning of success while vying for a spot at the prestigious National Spelling Bee in Winning in America (U.S.). Joan Jett Blakk’s historic bid for the White House in 1992 is examined in The Beauty President (U.S.). In Cracked (U.S.), a feisty young girl faces her traumatic past while falling in love for the first time. After losing his great love and undergoing a lobotomy, Harold’s mind turns inside out as he intensely searches for peace in The Vandal (U.S.). Older generations are forced to question their worth while facing unmet emotional needs in Speck of Dust (U.S.). A Black family whose land is overwhelmed with ghosts from the past must confront the apparitions in Inheritance (U.S.).

Featuring works by Zoey Martinson, Christopher Chan, Amrita Singh, Whitney Skauge, Lin Que Ayoung, Eddie Alcazar, Simo Ezoubeiri, and Annalise Lockhart.

Screenings & Events

In-Theater Screening

Sat, Oct 23 @ 7:00pm CDT

at Parkway Ballroom

This event has passed.

Film Credits

  •   2021